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P's also reported their commitment to their current relationship then split into low or high commitment groups. Simply imagining a positive interaction with an outgroup member can reduce prejudice against outgroup ex. Three programs of research on cognitive factors in persuasion have been the most influential: As payment was decreased, P's became more and more favourable. Latest Porn fucked pics movies more teen 8 days ago, This group became the second most negative toward the thin idea and had the second biggest change in body dissatisfaction and had the second biggest change in dieting behaviours with the last two groups getting similar numbers. Too many exposures can produce boredom overplay of songs.

People may doubt their own attitudes after getting a message if they discover they were influenced by the speakers attractiveness.

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There is no consensus on this as mere exposure can facilitate increased liking for disliked objects. P's could not remember which statements they had seen during each condition so this may have happened unconsciously. One Process or Two? Students were generally unfavourable to plea bargaining because it was right after the Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo case. The follow up survey measured attitudes toward older and younger workers, and hiring them. Profs family went camping one evening and they ate junk while sitting around the fire.


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